Ana Mustafa - Barista Bundle pack

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One Producer, Two Coffees, Two Roasts.

El Crucero - Filter roast

Mustafa - Espresso roast

 Bundle containing 1 x 250G El Crucero + 1 x 250G Mustafa


This is quite a special coffee to me, it's been nearly 5 years in the making and well worth the wait.

These coffees are both produced by a very talented producer called Ana Mustafa.

Ana runs the LaREB cooperative with the support of Herbert and other great producers with the aim to support smaller or less experienced members with production advice and professional quality control. They also export coffee directly from the farmers which secures the supply chain and transfers more value back to producers.

Anas’ coffees with LaREB contribute to 40% of the money and 35% of the coffees produced by LaREB!

I first started chatting with Herbert about 5 years ago, about coffee roasting I think as LaREB were setting up their new roaster in their lab in Colombia and since then we've kept in touch about all things coffee (and whisky!). At the end of February 2020 just before the pandemic hit Herbert was doing a tour of Europe for LaREB and we finally got to sit down together in person for a night in Edinburgh where Herbert spoke to us about the amazing work LaREB is doing for the coffee growing community in Colombia.

Ana works closely with Herbert and produced this innovative washed coffee using a ‘fed-batch’ technique.

The coffee was separated into batches by harvest day. The first batch was put into a hopper and left for 24 hours where it started to marinate. The cherries were then de-pulped and dropped into a fermentation tank. The second batch underwent the same process before being added to the tank. The sugars in the second batch become fuel for the bacteria of the first batch which aids fermentation. This process is repeated 4 or 5 times to allow a long fermentation processs. It creates a really fruity, almost sparkling coffee.

The amazing attention to detail and passion behind this coffee and the people who have produced is why this coffee really holds a special place for me.



Variety | Castillo  

Process | Fed-batch Washed & Washed

Altitude | 1550 - 1650 MASL


*Our coffee is freshly roasted each Tuesday and orders are dispatched on Wednesday and Friday. Due to COVID-19 Royal Mail are still experiencing delays which means your coffee may arrive a few days later than normal. Apologies for any inconvenience.