Brazil - Mantiqueira Mountains

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Roast Profile: Medium/Light

Producer: Cocarive Co-operative


This beautiful regional coffee is produced by several small-holder farmers who are members of the Cocarive Co-operative in Carmo de Minas.

The coffees going into this regional lot have been carefully selected for their variety and quality which is then processed by Cocarive.
There are a growing number of farms in Brazil that are focusing more and more on overall cup quality rather than just volume. By approaching the growing, harvesting and processing with a higher attention to detail the overall quality of the coffees these smallholder farmers can produce has been outstanding.

The altitude and mineral-rich volcanic soil creates prime conditions for growing sweet, well-balanced and wonderfully flavourful coffees.
"Headquartered in Carmo de Minas, serving several municipalities in the region, COCARIVE stands for the production of specialty coffees promoting the development of the region.
Situated in the mining face of the Serra da Mantiqueira, with very fertile land and an excellent conducive to the production of specialty coffees climate, has been gaining ground each year the results of quality contests held in Brazil.
The COCARIVE with regard to specialty coffees, provides its members the services of a professional structure with a high level of expertise in the evaluation and tasting different coffees.
The COCARIVE has been working on a project of high quality coffees, whose goal is to add value to the product, consolidating the region already recognized nationally and internationally as a producer of specialty coffees, exporting to USA, Japan, Australia, Korea, Belgium, Italy, etc...
This design of specialty coffee COCARIVE offers the market a differentiated product, both in sensory attributes as a product of controlled origin."


Variety | Yellow Bourbon 

Process | Pulped Natural

Altitude | 1100-1300 MASL

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