La Cabaña - Colombia Natural Coffee

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Roast Profile:- Light

Do you enjoy Piña Coladas? and getting caught in the rain?

Then this funk forward coffee is for you!

Danilo Perez is a small producer from the town of Pital in South-central Huila. Danilo’s 9ha farm Finca La Cumbre sits at 1,850masl, populated mostly by trees of the Caturra variety.

This nano lot utilises a unique and innovative natural process with an extended 200hr anaerobic fermentation which Danilo has been developing for two years. Ripe cherries are fermented in monitored sealed tanks for 200 hours, full cherry remaining intact. The cherries are then dried slowly in the sun for 2 weeks.

Huila is known for its altitude and fertile soils. This contributes to higher levels of soluble solids in the bean. Huila department is located in the South-West of Colombia, spanned by the Andes mountains. Landmarks include the San Agustin Archaeological Park and the Nevada del Huila volcano.


Variety | Caturra  

Process | Natural, 200-hour anaerobic fermentation

Altitude | 1850 MASL