Shyira - Rwanda Natural

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Roast Profile:- Light

Last year the Nyabihu region of Rwanda was struck by devastating landslides. Hundreds of homes were destroyed and many peoples livelihoods, including coffee trees and livestock, were lost.

The Shyira washing station, where this coffee was processed, was also badly damaged as a result. But thanks to the amazing efforts of our import partner Raw Material and the owners of Shyira, the Muraho Trading Company, enough money has been raised to provide emergency shelter, clothes and food.

But more money is needed to repair the damage and rebuild the communities in the area. This is why will donate 100% of all profit from this coffee to the Rwandan landslide appeal.



The Shyira Washing Station was built by the Muraho Trading Company in 2017. It is the darling of their stations. The station itself is situated at 2000 MASL and collects cherry from producers in the surrounding area between 2000 - 2400 MASL. This is the highest grown coffee we know of in Rwanda, and it’s from a region where very few washing stations are located making it unique.

All cherry is hand-sorted, where underripe or damaged cherries are removed. Once sorted, coffee is then taken to a drying area where the cherries are laid out evenly for maximum sun exposure and turned on a regular basis throughout the day. This natural coffee dries for over 30 days on raised beds, turned regularly to avoid over fermentation within the cherry. The Shyira Washing Station currently serves 1869 coffee growing families in the region.

This coffee and washing station has always had a special place in my heart, the amazing support from the coffee community and the customers of Chipp Coffee Co. in helping the fundraising appeal has been incredible.

With this launch of Shyira, we have also teamed up with the incredibly talented and wonderful human being Katriona Macintosh, who has created the stunning artwork for this label and will also be helping our fundraising by raffling the original artwork.

You can find more of Kat's amazing work here:


Katriona Tattoo Merch


Variety | Red Bourbon  

Process | Natural

Altitude | 2000 MASL


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