La Marzocco Coffee Machines

La Marzocco Coffee Machines X Chipp Coffee Co

Quality, speciality coffee is what were all about at Chipp Coffee and we're proud as punch to be La Marzocco Coffee Machine partners. It's a bonus that our roastery is just down the road from their Leeds showroom!

For us, brewing speciality coffee in the best possible way always starts with the perfect extraction - that's what La Marzocco deliver. Every damn time.

La Marzocco build espresso machines that stand the test of time; they're hard-working, look beautiful in any setting and are always efficient & precise. That's why they're leading industry experts when it comes to coffee machines.

Whether you're looking for something to suit your coffee shop, office or home - there's a La Marzocco Machine to suit your requirements. That's the beauty of their brand. They've created the ideal machines for every scenario.

Take a look around your favourite coffee shops when you're out and about and you'll notice that La Marzocco is the stand out, high-quality espresso machine choice for independents around the world.

If you’re interested in seeing La Marzocco's full range of coffee machines machines and/or coffee grinders, or even want a tour around their Leeds office, give us a shout! We'd love to arrange this for you.

La marzocco home coffee machine  

About La Marzocco

La Marzocco, founded in 1927, in Florence by Giuseppe and Bruno Bambi, is an Italian company specialising in high-end espresso coffee machines.

In 1939, La Marzocco developed and patented the first coffee machine with a horizontal boiler which is now an industry standard.This was the first of a series of important innovations for coffee machines; still to this day they are one of the leading innovators in espresso machine technology.


Benefits of La Marzocco

What's included with La Marzocca X Chipp Coffee Co:

  • 1 year warranty
  • FREE installation & shipping
  • Options to customise (at added cost) 

For a full breakdown of La Marzocco machines and costs - get in touch below. We’d love to discuss your requirements and our team have the knowledge and enthusiasm to help you get started with La Marzocco coffee machines.


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