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Here's what some of our partners say:

“Been using Chipp both personally and professionally for years, always impressed the quality and Zach is a dream to work with. Chipp Coffee has been a personal favourite for years, and has always been so well received in the shop between the excellent quality and amazing branding they never fail to sell regardless of whether we brew it or sell it as retail”

Tom & Fee,

The Plant Collection, Leeds.


“I’ve been working with Zach and his team since April 2022 and it has always been a real pleasure. Perfect communication, always fresh and delicious speciality coffee and outstanding attitude. It’s highly recommended, I couldn’t imagine better cooperation. “


CoffeeSynthesis - Leeds

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‘’Since our first day working with these legends we have received nothing but quality service. A great independent coffee supply, excellent training and support has helped us develop our coffee offering to the high standard we were perusing. An excellent company we cannot recommend enough.’’


Akito Group (Oporto, Jakes Bar, Neon Cactus, Power Corruption & Lies.)


"We consulted Chipp Coffee for the equipment fit out of our coffee bar, and we couldn't be happier with both the kit and the service provided"

Matt - Ante/Spry - Edinburgh


When you choose Chipp Coffee Co. for your wholesale coffee needs, you can expect first-class, friendly, and professional customer service. Our experienced and friendly staff are always available to help you, and we offer free barista training to help you further your skills. We also have a dedicated training center where you can learn more about coffee and how to make the best coffee possible.


Need a machine?

Besides the initial startup training, we can offer you a range of equipment such as espresso machines, grinders, filter machines, and some of the most eco-friendly coffee machines in the world. We would like to work with people who are interested in serving beautiful coffee and who are looking to improve on their coffee sales. If you would like to buy directly from a coffee roaster with a true passion for coffee, then we think we can help.

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