Wubanchi - Supernatural - Ethiopia Coffee

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Roast Profile: Light 

Notes of: Blood Orange, Pear, Sherbet

About this coffee:

This mad new coffee from the Wubanchi station in Guji has been through a "Supernatural" process, a new term for the way this coffee has been fermented:

In traditional Ethiopian speciality natural processing, cherries are spread in a thin layer over a raised bed and dried in indirect or direct sunlight. For supernatural, cherries spread in a thick layer on racks in a semi-permeable box, restricting access to sunlight while allowing limited airflow and oxygenation. This extends the overall drying time and increases the natural fermentation of the latent sugars in the cherries over the course of the drying period.

In order to ensure consistency, prevent over-fermentation, and avoid mould formation, it is essential that the conditions are strictly monitored throughout. Temperature, Brix and moisture readings are recorded periodically and small adjustments to airflow and ambient temperature are made accordingly.

Guji Wubanchi station is located in the kebele (village) of Muje in Mesina district, Guji zone, in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. This region borders the now famous Yirgacheffe district, the coffees from which have dominated speciality production for a number of years. The combination of high altitude (up to 2,200m in some areas), fertile soil, consistent and plentiful rains, and an abundance of local knowledge are all contributing factors to the high status of Yirgacheffe coffees.

The local indigenous ‘heirloom’ varietals - which grow wild in Ethiopia - are responsible for the unique flavour notes which make for an unusual but refined cup. When processed naturally through sun drying these present with juicy and jammy stone-fruit flavours, floral and chocolate notes with a creamy body.

  • Variety: Ethiopia Heirloom
  • Process: Supernatural
  • Altitude: 19800 MASL

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