April Roasters Choice - Pure Washed Colombian Gold

Colombia Rigoberto - Washed Process

We’re officially a quarter of the way through 2024 already and spring is starting to show its wonderful face if only for a moment (especially if you’re from the north like us). The brief glimpse of better weather to come has left us yearning for the Colombian hills but since we can’t just pick up and leave England (aka the hellmouth) behind we thought we’d bring a taste of Colombia to you. If you’ve ever wondered what a proper washed Colombian is supposed to taste like then you won’t find a better example on the market than this cup of tasty brown.

Colombia Rigoberto - The Process

We aptly named this coffee after its incredible producer Rigoberto Sanchez, who’s name is a staple in any coffee roastery worth its salt. Rigoberto’s farm sits in the idyllic hills of southern Huila Colombia and is known for consistently producing specialty coffees that set the bar for others to follow and this new offering is no exception. This coffee is intentionally left until it is ever so slightly over-ripe when picked, it’s then left in their husks for roughly 12 hours. After this the coffee is fermented for 48 hours then transferred to a greenhouse to dry for 15 days.

This combination of picking, fermenting and drying methods creates a juicy, fruity and rich profile that feels like a comforting hug from your gran. We kept trying to find the right word to describe this coffee and the only word that felt right was ‘quaffable’ accompanied by the classic Italian hand gesture, you know the one we mean. Basically, it’s reyt good.

Chipp Coffee Co. Roastery Update

This month the youngest member of the Chipp family, Grace, moved on to bigger and better things and we made her feel terrible for leaving us because quite frankly how dare she?! 

Grace has worked with us for close to a year and has been incredible from start to finish. She helped us to grow and change for the better, gave us invaluable advice on how Gen Z and beyond engage with content and generally brought awesome vibes to the roastery each and every week with just the right amount of weird to fit in with the rest of us. She will be missed… but not too much.

In other news our coffee pods are back! You may have seen these on our socials but if you missed it, after a brief hiatus, the full home-compostable pods are back and better than ever. If you’ve visited one of our amazing partners like Vinnie at Coffee Synthesis or Kinga at Cup of Kin you’ll have tasted our signature Highwire blend and our pods are so good it’s like you’ve got a mini barista with you in your kitchen. Don’t have the means to brew espresso at home? These pods are the next best thing. Got a nespresso machine in your office and sick of the standard dark roast black void of mediocrity? These will lift your spirits and give you the energy to tolerate even the most annoying Teams call that could definitely have been an email. You can’t go wrong and for just over a fiver you’d be mad to not at least give them a go.

What We’re Listening To

This month the brief glimpse of warmth and sunlight has given us some extra positivity and zeal and that has carried over in to our music choices for this month. One album that has stood out beyond any other this month is Djesse Vol. 4 by the incomparable Jacob Collier. If you've heard of Mr Collier prior to this you'll know the man needs no introduction and is seen as one of the most creative and capable musicians on the planet. I've personally been a fan of his work for years and each album seems to just get better and better with Djesse Vol. 4 being his most glorious achievement to date. There is something for everyone in this, want some dirty groovy metal you can check out the opening track to hear Willow Smith dropping some heavy vocals. Want some smooth and beautiful choral music? Jacob's version of "Bridge Over Troubled Water" will bring a tear to your eye. Want to hear a Sitar solo that has no right going as hard as it does? Check out "On A Rock Somewhere". This album has something for everyone and combines styles that have no right to work together. Check it out for yourself we promise you will not be disappointed by Jacob's genius.

Rigoberto is available as part of our Roasters Choice selection all of April. Don't delay your own happiness and grab yourself a cheeky box of joy.