About Us

Chipp Coffee Co Roaster

Our Story

Chipp Coffee Co. was started in 2016 by Zach as a company to run coffee roasting consultancy and his own one off small batch roasting projects.
After 3 successful years working with coffee brands around the world, brothers Zach and Alastair Chipp have decided to go full-throttle with their own speciality coffee roasting business.

Our Values

Service, Quality and Training are at the heart that keeps us pumping.
We want to be able to offer any and all our customers a bespoke and impeccable service be it through on site training, workshops or just being there when you need us. 
Our quality is and always will be a top priority, Zach spends hours every week making sure we aren't just sourcing great coffees for you but also that our roasting is always at its absolute peak, through cupping and quality control we always aim to keep pushing ourselves to be better any way we can.

Our Coffees

We take a lot of time and effort in sourcing our coffees, making sure we buy fantastic tasting lots from speciality coffee farmers across the world.
Always trying to find farmers we can work with year after year and building relationships with the importers who work directly with them.
With coffee being a seasonal product we are always on the look out for the fresh harvest crops from amazing independent coffee growers.

Our Roasting

We know not everyone likes a dark roasted coffee and not everyone enjoys a light roast either, so with our coffee sourcing we find coffees that we can highlight the best aspects of their flavours to suit different taste preferences.
There are many different factors in coffee growing that can change the taste of the coffee and we always want to ensure the hard work of the coffee farmer can be tasted in every cup.

Take a look at Zach's About Us video below