Coffee Subscription FAQ's

Our Frequently Asked Questions:

Coffee Subscriptions:

How do your coffee subscriptions work?

 Our subscriptions are super easy, first select the coffee you'd like on your subscription, how often you'd like it to be delivered, then lastly the size and grind you'd like to receive.
Then once you checkout, your subscription will automatically repeat at your selected frequency.

How much coffee should I get?

This depends how many cups of coffee you go through, we generally recommend using 60G coffee to every 1ltr of water for a starting brew recipe:
For example, a 3 cup French Press would need 21G of coffee.

- 1 x 250g bag = 13-16 cups.

- 2 x 250g bag = 26-32 cups.

- 3 x 250g bag = 39-48 cups.

- 1 x 1kg bag = 52-64 cups.

How do I change my subscription?

You can manage your subscription by logging into our Recharge Secure Subscription Portal.
Here you change the frequency of your coffee subscription, pause, cancel, amend billing details and so on.

If at any point you can't access your Subscription portal or can't find where to make changes to your coffee subscription, send us an email to: and one of our team members will be able to help you as soon as possible.


When will you be charged for your coffee subscription?

Your account will be charged at the frequency of your chosen subscription, when your order renews, that is when the charge will be made.


What is in the Roaster's Choice Coffee Subscription?

 Our favourite and most popular coffee subscription, the Roaster's Choice is a fantastic way to explore new coffees each and every month and for amazing value!
Our head roaster Mathew and Zach source exciting new coffees for exclusive subscriber only or special pre-release, meaning you can get your hands on some of our most amazing coffees before anyone else!