Peralta Estate - Nicaragua Natural

Peralta Estate - Nicaragua Natural Coffee


Nicaragua Peralta Estate - Naturally Processed.

Roast Profile | Medium/Light
Variety | Catuai & Java
Process | Natural
Altitude | 1,100 - 1,560 MASL

The Art of Production

The Peralta Family coffee growing history goes back to the beginning of the 20th century, but it was only in 2008 that they started focusing on developing new ways to market their coffees to international speciality coffee markets. We are privileged to have known of the Peraltas for several years and admire the attitude and values that have led to top speciality preparations. We are delighted to see their micro-lots and special preparations in Europe.

The Producers

This coffee goes through a natural process. Coffee is selected and harvested then laid out to dry In cherry for a total of 28 days, 22 days on outdoor raised beds and 6 days undercover. The coffee is turned regularly throughout the day and covered at night to protect from moisture. This coffee is processed at the San Ignacio Mill in Mozonte, near Ocatal in Nueva Segovia. The mill manager Mayerling Escoto has specific responsibility for all the processing at this micro-lot-only mill.

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