How much does a commercial coffee machine cost?


If you're a coffee shop owner or looking to start your own coffee shop, you'll already know how important it is to have a great coffee machine. Your customers expect nothing less than the best from your business. If they can't get their favourite drink quickly and easily, then they will go elsewhere. So how much does it cost to buy a commercial coffee machine?

The price of a commercial coffee machine can vary from as little as £4000 to more than £10,000.

The price of a commercial coffee machine can vary from as little as £4000 to more than £10,000. The cost will depend on the size and features of the machine, as well as its manufacturing materials. For example, you might expect a larger model to be more expensive than a smaller one. Additionally, higher-spec machines can have built-in scales, cold-touch steam wands, and self-cleaning group heads! All of which can bump that price tag up.

However, there are plenty of cheaper options available too! If your budget is tight then don't worry - we've found some models which sell for under £5000 that are equally good quality and reliable as their high-end counterparts.

Other factors that play a role in price are the number of group heads and other equipment needed.

In addition to the machine itself, you'll need a few more pieces of equipment in order to operate it. These include:

  • The number of group heads – Every commercial espresso machine has multiple group heads, or groups. Each one can be used for brewing many drinks at once. For example, imagine your busy coffee shop has a queue out of the door, you'll need more than just one group head to brew more than one coffee at a time.
  • Hot water taps – Hot water taps are usually found on side panels of many machines and are used for making tea or hot chocolate out of instant powder mixes as well as fresh-brewed coffees that require hot water like Americanos or hand pour filter coffees, most manufacturers recommend not to use the built-in hot water tap on the coffee machine when in a busy coffee shop environment, as this can sometimes strain the heating elements within the machine's boiler, so many coffee shops instead have a separate water boiler with a hot tap.
  • Coffee grinder - arguably just as important as the coffee machine itself is the grinder, having a consistent durable coffee grinder is super important for those busy periods and you may even need more than one grinder for decaf or guest espresso coffees.

Commercial coffee machines can cost thousands but they are a good investment for your business.

A commercial coffee machine can cost thousands, but it's a good investment for your business. If you're thinking about getting one, consider these factors:

  • Commercial coffee machines are more expensive than home ones, but they also offer better features and performance.
  • Commercial coffee machines are more durable and efficient than consumer-grade models. For example, commercial models might have a higher water pressure capability or larger boiler capacity (that means they can make more cups per minute).
  • In the long run, commercial machines will save your company money because they're built to last longer than similar consumer models. They also use less energy than their consumer counterparts because many commercial models use thermal transfer systems which require less power to heat up quickly.
  • When you buy a commercial machine from us here at Chipp Coffee Co. we guarantee its quality with our 1-year parts warranty so if anything goes wrong with it during this time period we'll repair or replace it free of charge!

How much does a commercial coffee machine cost?

To give you some idea we've listed a few examples below of coffee machines we distribute ourselves from our espresso machine partners, Nuevo Simoneli and Victoria Arduino.

(All prices shown are examples and are exclusive of VAT)


1. Our top pick for efficiency and sustainability:

Victoria Arduino - Eagle One

2 Group standard model starting at: £9990


2. For the busiest cafe workhorse:

Victoria Arduino - BLACK EAGLE

2 Group with Volumetrics starting at: £13,800


3. For the small spaces and not too busy:

Victoria Arduino - Eagle One Prima

eagle one prima coffee machine

Starting at: £4590


4. For the budget conscious:

 Nuovo Simonelli - Appia Life

Standard 2 Group model starting at: £4250


If you'd like to know more or interested in purchasing a commercial coffee machine like these, Get in touch with us!


Is there financing available?

If you're a business owner and want to purchase a commercial coffee machine, there are ways of financing the purchase. Depending on which type of financing you choose, there are different criteria for approval.

We have a great relationship with an independent asset financing company based here in Leeds we can happily put you in touch with if you would like to know more.

You can also seek out private lenders who aren't necessarily affiliated with financial institutions such as banks or credit unions but do provide secured personal loans with reasonable rates and terms—these people will often look at factors like income level before making any decisions about whether or not they'll approve a loan application from an individual applicant like yourself; so if you don't currently own any property (and therefore no equity), then it might not make sense for someone like this lender since he/she won't have anything invested in helping ensure his/her investment returns through repayment terms set forth by law!


If you run a coffee shop, then buying a commercial coffee machine is a great investment. You will be able to make more money and serve your customers better. If you have any questions about commercial coffee machines or would like some advice on which ones are best for your business then please contact us today!