Highwire - Our best coffee blend

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Roast Profile: Medium

We have carefully crafted our Highwire coffee blend to be able to perform great as espresso and also smooth and delicious as a filter.

The blend is made up of Brazilian, and Ugandan coffees, all roasted to bring forward their best flavours.

About the coffees in this blend:

Brazil - Mantiqueira Mountains

Variety | Yellow Bourbon   

Process | Pulped Natural

Altitude | 1100-1300 MASL

Producer: Cocarive Co-operative

This beautiful regional coffee is produced by several small-holder farmers who are members of the Cocarive Co-operative in Carmo de Minas.

The coffees going into this regional lot have been carefully selected for their variety and quality which is then processed by Cocarive.
There are a growing number of farms in Brazil that are focusing more and more on overall cup quality rather than just volume. By approaching the growing, harvesting and processing with a higher attention to detail the overall quality of the coffees these smallholder farmers can produce has been outstanding.


Uganda - Katanda community

This wonderful coffee is made from the Katanda farmer's community in the Kasese district, located in the southernmost part of the Rwenzori mountain range and processed by Agri Evolve.

The Katanda community is situated near the main coffee station at Nyabirongo in the southern part of Kasese District. Agri Evolve have a strong connection with their community, as they supported the establishment of a clean water supply for them in 2020. The Katanda community consists of 1000 smallholder farmers who cultivate coffee on small parcels of land ranging from 1 to 4 acres. Covering a wide area within the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains, the Katanda farmers community in Kasese district has altitudes ranging from 1300 to 1600 masl.

The cherries are harvested and collected from 3 central buying centres and then delivered to the Nyabirongo washing station during the main and fly harvests. Upon arrival at the Nyabirongo washing station, the coffee cherries are pulped and fermented in large tanks for approximately 24 hours. After washing, the resulting "parchment" is dried either on raised beds or mechanically, depending on various factors. Once fully dried, the parchment is stored in our warehouse until it is ready for export. It is then hulled, graded, and bagged.



Variety | SL14 & SL28

Process | Fully Washed

Altitude | 1300 - 1500 MASL


*Our coffee is freshly roasted each Monday and orders are dispatched on Wednesday and Friday with Royal Mail 24. Please allow 1-2 business days for your order to arrive.


For espresso;


Dose: 18 grams

Brew time: 25-30 sec

Brew weight: 30-36 grams

This should be used a recommended start, not an absolute.

See how you get on and change your recipe to what suits you best and let us know what you find!


Here's some sweet filter brewing tips :D
We recommend using a ratio of 60G to 1Ltr water 
Coarse ground (French Press) fresh coffee