Coffee For The Office

Looking to take your office coffee to the next level?

We're guessing you're here because you want more for your business, to be specific, you're here because you want the best coffee and maybe even a coffee machine for the office.
You're tired of drinking freeze-dried instant coffee every day. And you're not alone! Many companies are making the change from instant coffee to freshly roasted coffee beans and we don't blame them.
It's what we live for!
At Chipp Coffee Co, we love coffee so much that we want to help you take your office coffee game to the next level. 

Our Aim

Our belief is that in the current competitive working environment, people are looking for more from their employers, not only to maintain work-life balance but to also bring wellness to the workplace.
As employers, staff retainment is more important than ever and with exciting opportunities around every corner - never underestimate the power of a cracking brew!
It's our job to bring great coffee to you. To show you how simple carefully crafted, speciality coffee can be and how incredible it can taste. Not forgetting, how it can help engage your work force. 
We like to get involved, find out what makes you and your employees tick, and educate you on our business - COFFEE. From there, we tailor a tasting with our seasonal coffees, so that you can select what's right for you and your business!

Sound interesting?

Drop us a line and we'll be in touch to chat all things coffee.