White Label / Private Label Coffee


We're White Label / Private Label Coffee Roasters

Want to sell and brand speciality roasted coffee to your customers but don’t have coffee roasting facilities? We can help! With Chipp Coffee Co, you can concentrate on your own custom brand design and website and we'll take care of your roasting and packing needs!

Our bespoke approach allows you to bring ethical, sustainable and speciality coffee to your customers, without having to set up your own roastery.

We always aim to offer packages that are tailored to your needs, whether that's origin, ethics or price. Hopefully you'll agree that our friendly approach makes this an easy and stress free process from start to finish.

Feel free to get in touch about any wholesale, events and retail coffee requests, we're always here to help.

At the end of the day, we only want to get the coffee right for you! 

How it works

  • Get in touch - we're super friendly! We want to know all about your exciting coffee plans, needs and projected coffee consumption.
  • Let's have a chat, it's great for us know a little more about your planned target market and USP to help us make sure we can find the right coffees for your customers.
  • We'll organise a sample pack with you to try some tasty coffees!
  • Finally we'll get your labels, packaging and account setup and we're pretty much ready to go :D

Lets answer those already burning questions:

Our pricing for white label products is no different from our normal wholesale price, some additional costs may be incurred for specific custom orders, however.

For our standard white label projects, we utilise our current product lines and adapt them for your own branding;

  • We use fully recyclable, matt white or black 250G pouches and white Kilo bags (as seen on our website).
  • In house label printing on paper based gloss labels, 76x127mm.
  • Back of bag labels printed on small white paper labels with food manufacturing standards information if required.
  • All labels can be custom printed to your specifications and design.
  • Access to utilise our current offer list of freshly roasted, speciality grade coffees. Our coffee will sometimes change with seasonality and fresh crops coming in-store but we will always keep you up to date of what is coming and going.

    Custom options;
  • We can source your own custom bag from our supplier (Black, Kraft, Silver, Stand-up pouch, Box bottom, etc.) at MOQ cost.
  • Full block colour printed labels on matt or gloss paper from third party label printer (charged at cost).
  • Basic in-house label design (no extra charge).
  • Third-party professional label design by our trusted design partner (price available on quotation).
  • At larger volumes, we can also source and create your own exclusive single-origin coffees and unique blends.
  • For drop shipping options we generally do not have a MOQ, we want to try help your business fly off the ground so dont want you to feel like you have to meet a minimum order everytime. If it’s one bag or 100 we just charge you the wholesale price of the coffee + shipping at cost.
  • Other options some people feel more comfortable with is purchasing the roasted coffee from us in plain 1kg bags and packing and labelling themselves to give more options of labelling and bag sizes from your own sourcing.
    If you've any questions, would like to see some samples or just to have a chat, please do let me know.

    We're based in Leeds, West Yorkshire but our customers are nationwide.

We have started to bring on new White Label Partners for 2022, so get in touch and let's chat coffee!