Value Blend - Everyday Coffee

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The Best Value - Everyday coffee blend

Roast Profile: Medium -ish

Every so often we end up with some leftover coffee, typically when we've done the last roast of a coffee there'll be some "bin ends" that become maybe a little "too old" or there isn't enough to make a full 250G bag of.

We don't ever waste good coffee!

Or any coffee for that matter...

Usually one of our roastery coffee addicts would take this home and drink it themselves but we've ended up with a little bit of a "reserve" of some really decent coffees that are a little past their Freshly Roasted point but still "Perfectly rested" and tasting awesome!

So in our ever ongoing ZERO WASTE efforts, we've blended everything together to make this very fun, Value Blend! 
There's all sorts of stuff in here, there's the last of a natural gesha, some of the natural Maragogype, a splash of washed typica and there'll be all sorts of other amazing coffees in this blend.

The roast date may be from 8 weeks ago for one of the coffees blended in, there will also be some roasted a couple of weeks ago! 
So if you don't mind a blend that is a mix of "well rested" coffees and maybe a bit of fresher stuff, I can assure you all the coffees in here are absolute belters!


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