Chipp Coffee Co Ltd. Update – October 2021

Hi all!

Apologies for the radio silence with these blogs – it’s been hectic here at The Mother Chipp! We thought we’d update you with what we’ve been up to the past few months, and also let you all know what’s coming up as well as some exciting events to look out for.

What we’ve been up to…

New coffees

Not one but TWO new coffees went live on the Chipp Coffee website shop this last weekend. The first is DR Congo-Katanda which is a citrus-forward coffee, with bags of sweetness. The second, a Nicaraguan coffee Finca Los Papales- Pacamara, which is a beautiful funky fruit coffee! Both have amazing social projects behind them- more information is available on the product descriptions of each coffee on the shop section of the website. 

Coffee and Chocolate Pop-up

What goes better with coffee than chocolate?! Back in September, we served up some sweet, sweet espresso goodness and batch brew treats at Chipp Coffee Roastery HQ. We were very lucky to be joined by Frankly Delicious who served up lots of sweet chocolatey treats. We collaborated to create a chocolate bar which featured the Chipp Villa Maria decaf coffee. It tasted amazing (in our totally unbiased opinion…) Thank you to Frankly Delicious and to everyone who came down to see us! 😊

London Coffee Festival

At the end of September, we ventured down to the old smoke for the London Coffee Festival! We spent most of our time socialising (or should we say “networking” in official business terms…) It was awesome to put some face to names of contacts that we’ve made over the last 18 months, as well as catching up with Rebel Mylk people, and getting to see coffee pals we’d not seen in a while!

Chipp Coffee Co Overalls

We got new overalls. That’s it. That’s the update. In truth, it just gives us an excuse to share this glorious photo again. 

The definition of work chic at Chipp Roastery HQ, October 2021

Coming soon… 

Brand relaunch

Nearly 18 months in the making (thanks Covid…), and we FINALLY have a date for the Chipp Coffee brand refresh. Remember, remember the second of November! More details to follow. Merch drops as and when they arrive. How exciting! 👀

Rebel Mylk Latte Art Competition

On Friday 5 November we’ll be at Kapow in the Thorntons Arcade in Leeds for (you guessed it) the Rebel Mylk Latte Art Competition 2021. If you fancy witnessing some amazing latte art that puts our own attempts to shame, then come on down! There will be prizes to be won including a peak performance coffee brewer for home use, barista electric kettles, Rebel Mylk merch, Chipp Coffee merch, and lots of coffee (of course!)

Roastery pop-up TWO

Following the success of our first Coffee and Chocolate pop-up, we’ll be hosting ANOTHER one for anyone who missed it (you’re welcome), or for anyone who just can’t get enough of coffee and chocolate (you’re welcome, again). The event will be held at Chipp Roastery HQ once more on Sunday the 28 November. More details to follow, but we can promise lots of delicious coffee, and lots of yummy chocolate.