Honduras - Finca Las Flores

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Roast Profile:- Light

Notes of: Zest, Honey, Milk Chocolate


Variety |  Icatú

Process | Honey

Altitude | 1550 MASL. 


The trees that yielded these coffee cherries were planted 21 years ago. These cherries were hand-picked carefully to achieve a 100% selection of the optimal ripeness point from the 21st to the 23rd of December of 2022. It was anaerobically fermented for 36 to 48 hours. Then the cherries were de-pulped and fermented for a period of 56 to 64 hours to later be de-pulped and obtain the red honey process. The coffee beans were sun-dried on raised beds for 12 to 16 days.

To carry out the processes of his coffee, the pickers make sure to collect and select the cherries in their optimal ripeness, avoiding the presence of damaged grains in addition to taking care of the wet milling process by implementing good techniques, thus preserving the profile of a cup of coffee from Gerardo’s farm. 


About The Producer

Gerardo Peñalva, grew up in the middle of coffee production, since he was a very young child he watched his father work on the farm, he liked the coffee culture and when he married together with his wife, they began to work on a family project that allowed them to improve the family's economy, in this way he became part of the third generation in his family as a coffee producer.
In 2002, he began to plant his plot with coffee of the Bourbon, Catuaí, Arábiga, and Icatú varieties. In addition, his family made the transition to organic agriculture, with the support of COMSA, they began to work on the production of organic fertilizer within their plots because they understood that the land needs to be highly nourished to improve yield and to have a sustainable and environmentally friendly production.

The farm is managed as a family-productive unit, producing good quality coffee, under organic production methods and techniques, to offer a healthy product to the consumer.


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