Rigberto - Washed Colombia

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Roast Profile: Medium Light

Omni Roast

Notes of: Cherry Cola, Syrupy, Blackcurrant

  • Variety: Colombia Rosado
  • Process: Washed
  • Altitude: 1465 - 1565 MASL

About this coffee

We aptly named this coffee after its incredible producer Rigoberto Sanchez, who’s name is a staple in any coffee roastery worth its salt. Rigoberto’s farm sits in the idyllic hills of southern Huila Colombia and is known for consistently producing specialty coffees that set the bar for others to follow and this new offering is no exception. This coffee is intentionally left until it is ever so slightly over-ripe when picked, it’s then left in their husks for roughly 12 hours. After this the coffee is fermented for 48 hours then transferred to a greenhouse to dry for 15 days.

This combination of picking, fermenting and drying methods creates a juicy, fruity and rich profile that feels like a comforting hug from your gran.

We drink this in the roastery pretty consistently as it works like a dream for any brewing method. If you want a sparkly fruity brew then a V60 or Aeropress will be your weapon of choice. As an espresso, this coffee becomes deep and rich with a warm mulled-fruit body and a clean finish. Basically, it’s reyt good.

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