February Roastery Choice - Nicaragua Naturally Neighbours


We’re doing things a little bit different this month with our roasters choice update. Going forward not only will you be able to read about the best beans around but we’re also going to start bringing you monthly updates from the roastery, our partners and all things Chipp as well as a perfect musical pairing for you to explore while sipping on the good stuff.


About The Coffee:

Since the passage of time seems to forever be getting quicker and free time seems to be becoming a thing of myths and legends we present to you a coffee worth slowing down for (even if it’s only for a minute or two).

This month we’ve teamed up with one of our long standing partners, The Gold Mountain Co-Op, to bring you a coffee that is quite frankly a bit silly. If you’ve

splashed out on our Nicaraguan Maragogype in the past then you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about here. 

This coffee gets its name from the fact that the farms which produce this coffee are literally neighbours! Each of these farms produces absolutely exceptional coffee by themselves however they are unable to produce enough to justify exporting it overseas. This is where Gold Mountain came in and provided a solution that makes everyone happy from the crop all the way to the cup by providing support and infrastructure for these small farmers to combine their crops, through intense and rigorous ripeness quality checking and meticulous natural processing, into an astounding single origin coffee with big bold fruit flavours that slap you in the face.


About The Producer:

Gold Mountain treats coffee farming like fine wine production providing support to each member farm from traceability and transport to financial management, picking techniques and much more. To ensure their coffees continue to be of award winning quality, Gold Mountain places their own ripeness teams on every farm during picking season to ensure only the perfect cherries are harvested.

Not only do they create incredible award-winning coffees, Gold Mountain lifts up the communities they work in providing financial assistance that allows growers to expand their farms and invest in processing equipment. 

They work on projects that provide running water and libraries to schools and electricity to homes and literally bought a rainforest to protect the endangered species that live there.

Update from The Chipp Shipp

We may only be a few weeks into 2024 and it seems like this year is already kicking a lot of people in the tuckus but you better believe we’ve been busy slinging beans to your door alongside some new business spaces around Leeds. 

You’ll now be able to find a good selection of single origin coffees from Chipp over at our good buddy’s Stage Coffee located on Great George Street. Stage specialise in single origin coffees which highlight individual producers or processes and leave a clean satisfying taste in the mouth and a warm feeling in the soul. CHECK THEM OUT HERE!

Our long-time partners and friends over at Cheesy Living, who you may recognise from their beautiful store in the Corn Exchange or from their constant rotating guest spots in kitchens around Leeds serving up all things cheese. It’s safe to say that Cheesy Living are absolutely killing it as they’ve just opened their second location on Roundhay Road almost directly opposite the iconic Oakwood Clock. They’re serving up incredible cheese boards, freshly baked pastries, full blown charcuterie boards and the best coffee in the land to top it all off! FIND ALL THINGS CHEESY HERE!

Finally we have some good news and some bad news. Firstly, we’re super excited to announce our new charity coffee for 2024! This year we’re teaming up with the incredible Katie Hayes who is the current CEO of the longest running musical rehearsal space in Leeds to raise money for an iconic Leeds institution the Old Chapel Music CIC

The Old Chapel which birthed iconic bands such as the Kaiser Chiefs and Pigeon Detectives, provides a safe space for musicians to be themselves and explore music in an inclusive environment. They provide a space for community projects that allow children who typically wouldn’t have access to music to learn instruments and explore a subject they may not have access to otherwise. You can read our full blog post about the Chapel and why we chose it as our charity for 2024 when this goes live in the coming days. We hope you can show as much love to this as you have all done for AMC.

This does mean that sadly, our Andy’s Man Club charity coffee will be leaving us (for now). Thank you for helping to  raise some money for an incredible cause that is incredibly close to our hearts. Find all about AMC and find your nearest group HERE.


What we’re listening to

Since this coffee is a fruity explosion that slaps you in the face we thought bringing you a musical pairing that will slap you in the ears felt appropriate.

This month we’ve had the latest offering from Malevolence on repeat in the roastery. There’s something about their insane musical ability combined with buttery smooth clean hooks and aggressive vocals that kick you in the chest we can’t seem to get enough of! It also helps that they’re local Yorkshire boys hailing from, arguably the new home of modern metal, Sheffield! 

Their latest album Malicious Intent is a musical masterpiece from start to finish but you have to check out their classic Serpents Chokehold or their insane cover of Anastasia’s iconic 2004 masterpiece ‘Left Outside Alone’. If you get through a song without raising a fist or throwing your neck out we’ll be impressed. You can check out all things Malevolence on their website HERE.

Grab your box of Naturally Neighbours from February 1st as part of our Roasters Choice Subscription.