Halloween Brews & Views

To celebrate our limited edition Wubanchi coffee blend, we’ve created our own guide to Halloween brews and views to get you through the darker evenings. 

Wubanchi - A Supernatural Blend

Let's get down to it. The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting colder and we’re all spending more time snuggled up inside. Something warming to sip on essential for Autumn nights, and what better accompaniment to your favourite spooky season than our limited edition Halloween coffee; Wubanchi.


This light roast profile coffee has notes of blood orange, pear and sherbet, giving trick or treat bag vibes. Originating in Ethiopia, this coffee has been through a ‘supernatural’ process, a brand new term for the fermentation process. To learn about the full fermentation process, visit the Wubanchi product page.

Wubanchi - Flavour Profile

Processed naturally through sun drying, these present with juicy and jammy stone-fruit flavours, floral and chocolate notes with a creamy body.

Spooky Pairings

For all Halloween movie fans, we've put together three of our 2022 favourites, rating them light to dark roast, based on their intensity. 

Light Roast 

Family Friendly, Gentle Spooks, Minimal Ghouls

Name: Hocus Pocus 2

You probably caught the first 1993 iteration of Hocus Pocus, which followed three youngsters living in Salem, who accidentally summoned a trio of witch sisters from the 17th Century. So when two young, novice witches accidentally summon the sisters 29 years later, there’s more laughs, more magic and more musical numbers. The Sanderson sisters return in full glory alongside fan favourite, Billy Butcherson, for an updated classic featuring all the silliness and spookiness of the 1993 classic with a modern twist.

Medium Roast

Mild Gore, Out Of This World, Action Packed

Name: Nope

The most recent installation from horror legend, Jordan Peele, Nope brings together humour, action and extraterrestrials. Set in a remote gulch in California, brother and sister horse training duo, OJ and Emerald attempt to capture video evidence of a UFO after the death of their father. Tension, chills and thrills drive this twist on the classic sci-fi genre bringing horror into the mix for the ideal Halloween flick.

Dark Roast

Suspense, Hack & Slash, Hilariously Dark

Name: Bodies Bodies Bodies

A dark comedy with a fresh take on the ‘whodunnit’ trope. When a group of wealthy 20-somethings hunker down in a remote mansion during a hurricane, things quickly turn when faced with a mysterious death and no way to escape. This gory, comedy horror is a breath of fresh air from teen slasher films of the past, bringing it into the modern era with laughs, jumps and plenty of gore.

Snuggle up and get spooky this Halloween, and get your limited edition Wubanchi coffee before it crosses over into the upside down.