Why is white label coffee a great option for any business?

So you're looking into White Label Coffee for your brand, where to start?


White label or private label coffee is created by a professional coffee roaster, who can then put your label and brand onto the products. The coffee is tested and curated by professional coffee roasters, ready for you to buy and either give away to your clients or customers, or sell through your own business.

What are the benefits of buying white label coffee?

There are tonnes of benefits to choosing a white label or private label coffee for your brand. From creating a bespoke product that's tailored to your brand to finding the ideal gifting solution for clients, white label coffee can do it all.


You’re the expert in your job. Whether you work within a housing development business, a marketing agency, an independent hair salon or a local charity, whatever the business, you know your brand, services and product best. 

We know coffee. We’re professional roasting experts who will do all of the leg work, the testing, the product development, the roasting and the packing. That means, all you need to do is choose your blends and we’ll brand up your product for you.

We also ensure that we’re working in a way which is ethical and sustainable, meaning you can be proud to put your name on our white label coffee products. 


Whether you need 20 bags or 2,000 bags, we’ll work with you to determine the best product for your clients or customers. We can also support you in designing a custom label that reflects your brand. This process transforms a white label product into a bespoke coffee product that reflects your own ethos.

This is your opportunity to name, design and put your own personal stamp on a product which has already been quality tested and tried in the market. You receive full autonomy over the product(s) you choose to put your name on, the size and, in the case of coffee, your flavour profiles that reflect your brand.


With white label coffee, you’re not tied to the product long term. You may choose 100 bags of the Temple Arches rich, dark roast blend for your clients at Christmas, but a few months later you may look for a different product which is more seasonal, such as 

You can easily order 50 bags of the Calderon Washed Geisha Colombian blend, for the summer months, with complimentary floral and fruity flavours. There is no end to how much you can pivot your white label activity, whether this is seasonal or to simply add variety. 

Additionally, the prime real estate that a bag of coffee offers you the opportunity to promote your brand, right into the hands of new, potential customers. Take advantage of the space you have to work with and put important information, a website link, a QR code or your brand ethos on the back of your packet, to make the most of your white label product.


We believe in our coffee, which is why we sell it directly to customers, but also for others to sell to their customers. We ensure that we can maintain consistency in product and supply. We understand the rules, regulations and any restrictions, which means you’ll get a finished product that is ready for market, without the labour involved.

Brand Exposure

The right private label brand can help increase your brand visibility, to a new range of customers. Whether you’re selling the product, using it as a gifting solution or as a promotional tool at events, a white label coffee product has huge amounts of potential.

From snapping a picture and putting it on social media to being able to sell the product across channels such as Etsy or Amazon, or in a brick and mortar location, your brand can find its way into homes and workplaces it may never have touched before.


Big brand, national coffee products typically will be more expensive compared to a private label coffee. Additionally, you may find that working directly with an independent roaster will mean you have better insight into the product processes and supply chain. 

An independent roastery may also be able to offer more specialty and unique or bespoke blends. This can give your brand the edge over others, making it more appealing to foodies and coffee enthusiasts.

Private Label Coffee Yorkshire

Is your company looking for a white label or private label partner? Chipp Coffee Co. is a Leeds based speciality coffee roasting company. We provide all of our clients with a bespoke approach to white label, ensuring the best price and quality for every product.

If you would like to learn more about developing a limited run of white label coffee or an ongoing branded coffee product to sell or give away, get in touch with us today to discuss your options.